Monday, June 6, 2016

Day by Day

Day by day. Yes, we are moving away from being stuck, from being disobedient to God. We do it day by day. Today, I had a twinge of "what am I going to do?" And just as quick, I remembered God's word to me. And I got up, eager to walk in this day.

Day by day. That is all we have, so we must take it day by day. Here's the cool part: Day by day we are promised that Holy Spirit walk with us as our paraclete guiding us. Enjoy this day that we have been given. Enjoy all that God has in store for you. Look around experience something you have not experienced before. It may have been something you have done before, but you can experience it in a whole new way. Day by day. Let me now how you are doing. enough for now.

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