Saturday, June 11, 2016

What is Your 'Go To'?

I was talking with a prayer partner the other night and we agreed that, as sisters, we need one another. Even as I write, I am reminded of a plaque my biological sister gave me long ago, "We are better together." Back to the conversation. We do need one another, iron sharpens iron. As we conversed, I shared my 'go to'. What is your 'go to'? You know when the one thing that plagues you pops up and you have that few minutes of panic. You could call that pop up your thorn in the flesh. What is your 'go to'?

My 'go to' has been consistently getting shorter. That is a good thing. I am consistently relying on the 'Backup' more. The 'Backup' has always been there but the 'go to' makes me feel I am in control, I am doing something. Oh yeah. You have a 'go to'.  First, what is the one thing that causes you fear, worry, distraction? Ask Holy Spirit to show you what it is. Then examine how you handle it. The crazy part is that it really is a distraction to throw you off track.  And it does. And then you move into 'save the farm', 'save yourself' mode. Your thinking is skewed, and you make mistakes, promises that are not real.

You see, the 'go to' is the panic.  The 'go to' appears to save the day, if it would happen. Oh but the 'Backup' is the peace. The 'Backup' is the rest afforded by Holy Spirit, as you get still and listen. Yeah, there may be a little 'go to' left but it is fleeting. It should be, as the 'Backup' is the hookup. The 'Backup' allows you clear seeing and thinking. You can get there, first recognize what is your 'go to' and start relying on your 'Backup'. enough for now.

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