Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Feel the Freshness

Have you ever walked around outside after a real hard rain, thunderstorm? Have you notice how clean, how fresh things appear? Yes, there are usually broken limbs and /or things blown out of place also. But have you noticed how fresh the air? I think sometimes storms blow through our lives just to dislodge weak stuff that just hangs on. Yeah, we don't like going through it, but when the storm is over- we can breathe anew- afresh-clear of junk that weighs our mind, our heart.

Sometimes the storm can be so small, yet it causes so much havoc in our mind. But when you decide to stand firm on God's promises; when you decide to live above it, live it out, live it through- then you can feel the freshness. And then you can think clearer. You see, between self and the enemy, you can get confused on what is happening. The storm is real, but your outcome can be different. Walk around, see what was dislodged- and thank God for it. Don't try to restore but walk on, renewed.

How about you?  Stand to see the storm through. Then thank God for your renewal on the oter side of the storm. enough for now.

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