Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Your Wheel

Lord, help me not to get back on the wheel, running, running, running, just trying to keep up. How about you? Or is yours Lord, help me to get off?  Or could it be that you don't even recognize that you are on a wheel? Think about it. What does your running wheel look like? What keeps you - sometimes needlessly? You see, while we all must live, it is the running after, running to, running from those things that causes us the needless pain. Tell me, what is your wheel? Ask Holy Spirit to identify that for you, and then ask what does it take to get off that wheel.  Send me what you have found. Let's all keep one another in prayer. enough for now.

One more thing. My latest book, Notes from a Desert Place, is available from Amazon, or from me on my website.  

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