Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Did I Really?

"I had to. . ." How many times have you used that term? How many times have you found yourself justifying your actions- even if you are justifying to yourself. It is used to explain away ill gotten advice, even sometimes advice from self based on incorrect or incomplete information. It happens. Unfortunately, we continue along the same lines with the ill gotten advice not knowing how to make it right, but answer, "I had to." "I had to do what I had to do."

This morning, after praying about a client and his breakthrough, the Lord showed me that too often we are stuck in bad decisions, with bad directions, from bad advice, and are afraid to move out, move away, because of lost time, of losing face. But when we can recognize what it really is, then we can move immediately. . . straightway. . .without haste.

How? By receiving right direction, by asking Holy Spirit, "which way?"  And then . . .  wait on it . . . waiting for right direction, and following. Yes, it is never what you think, no, it is not the way you choose, but it it the true way for you. And there is no need for justification. Go ahead, try it- "which way?" And when you get right direction, follow without worry about what others think. After all, they don't know your journey. enough for now.

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