Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Your Season

How many times do we let others control us by their actions, words, or their deeds? Yes, I said 'we'. It happens so quickly and the scary part is that we allow it. Yes we do. No one takes control, we give it. Bullying can come in very subtle ways, still manipulative, still lying.

The sad part is that the bully has their own unresolved issues, their own woundness, and they have no clue of what to do or how to be healed. Healing is needed for them. And healing is needed for you in order to progress toward what God has for you in this season.

Your life is about you and what God has for you. Yes, you move in and out of community. You don't give anyone control of you.  Bullies don't know your season. They don't know what God has for you. And clearly they are not operating in what God has for them. But that will be worked out between them and God. Stand firm and strong and watch God. You move in and out of seasons. What season are you in?

God does not change, is not flaky, does not lie, does not leave you, nor forsake you. That is real and you can hold on to that. When you recognize that, when you know it in your heart; then you can rest in what God is doing in your life. Then you can move toward releasing your hurt, your anger, your guilt, your unforgiveness. This is your season for healing. enough for now.

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