Wednesday, May 2, 2018

This Mornng

This morning I woke up. Yes, I wake up every morning- but this morning. This morning I awaken with new revelations of who I am. Yes, I know who I am - but this morning I was renewed and encouraged. This morning things just fell into place. Yes, they have fallen into place many times before - but this morning. This morning I see clearer, from a different level with a different view.

So what do I do with this? Get still and watch, wait, and listen. Oh, that's how I got to this place - this morning. I went to sleep watching for and waiting on. Not on mankind, but on God. 

What you do with this? Get still, watch what God is doing, wait on his doing, and listen for his voice. And when you rest in that, you can awaken renewed, refreshed, with resolve, seeing a new way. Go ahead, make tomorrow your new morning by resting in God's peace today, tonight. enough for now.

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