Friday, November 7, 2014

Call His Name

Turn the light on.  Yeah I know, you tried to do that. But even when you were little and you knew all you had to so was turn the light on, you were too afraid to get out the bed, or reach your arms out from the cover. Now, it's more about you.  Sometimes your problem is that you are trying to do it yourself.  You can't. You can only do so with guidance from Holy Sprit. 

When you find yourself twirling the tornado/hurricane of emotional upheaval, call Jesus.  Just say His name - Jesus.  say it again - Jesus.  Say it again - Jesus.  Call His name until you can breathe.  Call His name until you stop twirling.  When Peter got out the boat and was walking on water, he became distracted by the winds and waves.  He took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink.  Oh but, when he called Jesus. . . Just like that.  Take some time and read that passage in Matthew 14:22-32. 

Stop the twirling. Call His name.  enough for now.

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