Monday, November 17, 2014

Dance Basics

I just had a good conversation with a mentee. In sharing with how I learned to work in spite of my shortcomings, I shared with her about how I learned to dance.  Okay, let me be clear- we all have strengths and weaknesses.  We should walk in our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses. The first way in strengthening is to recognize it is a weakness. We don't stay looking at where we fall, we get up and go again.  If we all stayed where we were with our faults we would never move more into what God has for us.

My father taught me how to dance. I watched as he placed his feet and then I progressed into dancing with him (yeah after stepping a few times on his feet).  When I got the basics, I could dance around the room, dance with the bedposts.  When I got older there were new dances to learn that Daddy could not teach me.  But I had the basics.  She replied was that she had to learn the dance. You have to learn the dance. enough for now.

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