Thursday, November 6, 2014

Turn the Light On

Ohhhh how easy it is to get caught up with things that cause disruption in our lives.  You know, those things that "go bump in the night." Do you remember those things that frightened you when you were younger.  The scary shadows that went away when you turned the light on.  Those things still cause fear, worry, doubt - they are now adult things that cause you fear, worry, doubt. They grew up as you grew up.

Does it mean that those disruptive things are not real? Oh no, they are real; yet they are disruptions and when  you can recognize the difference between real and disruptions you can do better.  So how do you recognize?  It's all disruptive if it takes you off your path.  There are so many little things that cause emotional upheaval- just like that.  And many times we flow right with it. 

You know, those things that get us twirling in our own little tornadoes/hurricanes.  We are whirling
not knowing when we will land.  You know, whether it is health, finances, loss of love, loss of  anything.  Those will set us off. Oh I know them.  My hurricanes may not be like your but they are the same disruptive source- to get you off track, off the path, to get you to abort, to get you to forget. 

But- we don't have to stay in that flow of emotional upheaval  No,  we don't.  Turn the light on.
enough for now.

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