Monday, November 17, 2014


In life, just like dance, you must learn the basics. Yes, maybe you are one that did not have nurturing, teaching parents to teach you the basics. Your life is not over. You don't need to give up or to overcompensate for what did not happen. It is not too late. Get the basics. God created you to dance, to live. And yes, He is indeed your dance partner, like my father was for me.

Just like I had my dancers to get the steps, they knew that their audience was not the people, but God. And they danced for God. People viewing worshiped collectively, and were blessed.  Sometimes, even rehearsals were worship events. Don't you love it?

You have your basic instruction and encouragement in the Bible. You really do. Find a spiritual director that can aid in your spiritual transformation, one that can show you the steps. The Creator so created you that as you get the basics, you can create new dances- same basics, new dances. On this journey no one dances the same way, but we all move in tune with Holy Spirit's guidance. Our lives can become worship, both individually and collectively, as we dance. We hear Holy Spirit's guidance, we can follow God's will, we can giggle with the love of Jesus. We dance. Go ahead, oh please try it. It is an awesome journey of dancing. Learn the basics, learn the dance, dance. enough for now.

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