Thursday, March 3, 2016

Be Careful Where You Walk

Be careful where you walk. The news reported how many germs were on the METRO in D.C. The warning was to wash your hands often, and that is a good warning. I found that interesting. Good advice; yet interesting. But what about your life, where you walk, how you walk, and with whom do you walk?  I offer that Satan's ploys are so much worse than any germs. We walk in and out of treachery every day- that treachery that aims to take our joy, our peace, our life. There is only one way to walk- watching what God is doing in your life, following what God is doing, and trusting what God is doing.  Do you know how much worry you avoid by trusting God? Scripture gives a map to doing so, and it is so real. Be careful where you walk. Take time today to hear what God is saying to you.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you. Walk in the power of the love of Jesus. and watch what happens.  enough for now.

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