Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stop Twirling

Why do we so easily spin out of control?  What is it that causes us to get caught up in our own little whirlwind?  I offer that first, we spin out of control because we think we are in control. Let's start there. If we would first recognize that our being in control is not control at all, but a lie.  Go ahead, think about it. Whether you are going strong and all is good, or you are being whipped; you are not in control. You are juggling to keep all balls in the air, and some are falling anyway. And you spin out of control.

Let's get to that place of the spinning out. Stop, let the balls drop, shift your focus. You can, it's scary but it is real. Shift your focus from you and what you want. Offer what you want to God and what is really is yours.  Let me say it another way, "not my will, but your will."  You see, there really is a plan for you, a place for for you, a joy for you. Yes- joy because you can indeed rest from your striving and enjoy following Holy Spirit.

I'm telling you something I know, not just something I read.  We don't hear enough of God's will for our lives. We don't hear enough that Holy Spirit is indeed our paraclete,and walks alongside. We don't hear enough that Jesus work on the cross was for our dysfunctional behaviors - our sins. That's what dysfunctional behaviors are. But it is all real nonetheless.

Let's get to that single place of you resting in God's will for your life. Let's get to that place of peace in walking in that will.  Get the image- in the movie Frozen, when Anna made a little snow cloud for Olaf to rest under although the weather was warm.  Do you remember that?  Watch the movie. A snowman not melting because of his own private snow cloud.  Do you hear me? You not twirling out of control because of your peace afforded you by God, wherever you go. Your will? Let it go! Not my will, but your will Lord. Go ahead try it, it takes practice, look how long you have walked the other way. enough for now.


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