Monday, March 7, 2016

Clear it Out

I have been getting rid of clothes that I no longer wear.  You know, those things that I have not worn in over three years, yet they hang in my closet. . . taking up valuable space. Did you hear it?

Take time to clear out those things that have taken space in your mind, your heart, those things that are of no value to you. Look at what you worry about.  I mean day after day, year after year- the same thing. Has it helped that you worried? no. So let it go. There is clarity, freedom, in letting go.  After all, your worrying about it did not prevent it, make it happen, fix it . . . you name it. Worry did not help.

Today, let go of that person, place, or thing by offering it to God, and then watch what God does with it. Let go of worry. That really is a commandment from Jesus in Matthew 6:25-34. there is a reason that He does not want you to worry. Worry takes its toll on you, it really is not living.  Get started, clear it out. enough for now.

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