Thursday, March 17, 2016

No Greater Joy

This is my devotional today from God Calling. Read out loud, let it permeate the space around you. Feel it and then rest in it.

No Greater Joy
   "Withdraw into the calm of communion with Me. Rest- rest in that calm and Peace. Life knows no greater joy than you will find in converse and companionship with me.
   You are mine. When the soul finds its home of rest in Me, then it is that its real Life begins. Not in years; as man counts it, do we measure in My Kingdom.
    We count only from his second birth, that new birth of which I spoke to Nicodemus when I said, "Ye must be born again." We know no life but eternal Life and when a man enters into that, then he lives.
   And this is Life Eternal, to know God, My Father and Me, the Son sent by Him. So immature, so childish, so empty is all so-called living before that. I shower Love on you. Pass Love on.
   Do not fear. To fear is as foolish as if a small child with a small coin, but a rich father, fretted about how rent and rates should be paid, and what he or she would do about it. Is this work Mine or not? You need to trust me for everything." enough for now.

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