Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Where Do You Fall?

Where do you fall? There are so many people hurting from one thing to another. How about you?  The question is how do you handle your hurt?  Too many people are falling never to get up, knocked out by that last one-two punch from life.  Others are trying to sit up, then get up, ready for the next round- whatever that round looks like. And others have discovered the way to "take a licking and keep on ticking," by becoming Weeble People. That was toy a while ago, but we are using that analogy here and now. Weeble People fall but they bounce back up.  Do you remember the punching bag toy that you hit and it falls over and comes back up?  That is like Weeble People.

So how do you get to be a Weeble People? You attach yourself to God and recognize that your story in wrapped up in God's story, and that you and indeed in God's will. That give you ground to stand and when life hits it cannot hit hard.  Oh, I promise that to be true. Yeah, you may be knocked back, but not knocked out. So let's start there.

Whatever you have as a major problem now, take real time and give it to God. You need to lament, to cry out, to yell, but not to mankind but to God.  Tell God how you feel about the problem. You see, healing starts at the feelings level of communication. Think about it. It how we feel about a person, place, or thing that causes us to react the way we do and may cause someone else to act differently.  Go ahead, get started. enough for now.

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