Sunday, August 14, 2016

Try It

How often do you miss one little important aspect, or one little important piece? Hmm, let me do it another way. How many times have you assembled something and had one little screw, or one spring left? Or you were following a recipe and when you were done found that you had left out one ingredient? You don't even know where it was to go? Okay, did I get everybody? How many times? How many relationships have been harmed because you did not hear it all? or have all the facts? How many jobs have been lost because someone did not get all the facts?

How many times did you start out on a journey of bliss and when it got rocky you could not get your footing and gave up- whether it was relationships, friendships, jobs? Come on. How many times? We all have been there. And we may get there again if we do not learn how to offer everything we do to God. Yes. When we offer it - the situation, the activity, the person, place, or thing, to God, we resolve to follow Holy Spirit's guide. It is at that point we can see what we may missed earlier. Oh, try it. Oh you will not believe the peace. 

Breathe. Try it. enough for now.

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