Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Keep on Walking

Walking with your limp. I have been stuck on Jonathan Butler's song, "Walking with my limp." I like it, but I see some other things. Let me see if I can go there. There are things that hinder us, that cause us to 'limp'. And while we are limping, we may not recognize that we are. It could be that we have become accustomed to a dysfunctional walk that "it is what it is." Oh but, it does not have to be. We first recognize what it is that causes us to limp from tripping over, from being caught by the same stupid the same way over and over again. Go ahead - think about it. Let Holy Spirit direct you.

Look at what that limp has caused you in your life. Write it down. Relationships, jobs, friendships, life, health, peace. What has it cost you? . . . Wow! That is quite a bit. Can you afford that dreadful cost? If not, then let's get started. Give that limp to God, give what it has cost you, give what you feel about it. This is your life. You deserve more than that. Now rest. When you are rested, walk. Yes, you may have a limp, but a smaller limp. Keep walking, and when you hear "you are still limping," you say no, but God. Keep walking, allow that movement to be more of a strengthening for you. If God has you walking away from what caused you to limp, walk away. Keep walking.

You are not walking alone but walking with Holy Spirit, and that right there gives you what you need to walk.  Keep walking, you will find yourself walking and not limping. It is a process, it is is doable. enough for now.

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