Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Won't He Do It?

Oh, won't He do it? Yes, He will. Yes, He can. Yes, He does. Yes. Just when you feel at your wits end. Just when you think there is no hope left- God. Yes, He will do it. What is your 'it'? What is your last effort place? What is it that you are hanging onto for dear life? What is it? Let go and watch what God does. After all, you couldn't do it. It may be that you had to be here so you could see what God is doing. I don't know, but I can answer "Won't He do it?"  Yes.

Maybe you need help, maybe you need healing, maybe you need release from pain, heartache, or sorrow. Maybe you need peace. Oh yeah- peace, the shalom of God. We all need God's shalom. And we can receive it. Stop . . . let go . . . wait . . . rest . . . watch what God is doing. Yes, He will do it. enough for now.

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