Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What is Your Fear?

What is your fear? Yes, you have something, even if it is so small, it is still real. Don't tell me "spiders and snakes." Get still and allow Holy Spirit to speak to you on your fear.  I had a moment earlier about my particular fear. I recognized how I move all around the issue instead of going into the storm.  And I recognized that is was not always that way. Quite a few disappointments have met me on my journey, yet quite a few awesome moments have carried me. 

My fear? Fear of failure, in certain situations. And so I place barriers between me and whatever or I word around. Come on. I don't think I'm the only one. Here is the issue, I move to a point and stop short. I know that is not real. The failing part of failure is that you give up, that you don't try. That is the messed up part, but that's how fear works.

Today we combat our fears. What does failure look like after all? It does not kill you! You try for a position and don't get it - failure. You have failed relationships - failure. You lose your financial standing- failure. You say hello to someone and they don't respond- failure. You get a bad grade- failure. You don't run because you don't think you can - failure. You are afraid to walk in your gifts in case they don't manifest- failure.

The sad part of failure is that its foundation is in ego. Yes it is. And ego edges God out. You think that it is on you, about you, but it is on God, about God. That should be a release right there. It is not about you. So when God says move, move. When God says, trust, trust. What is your fear? enough for now.

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