Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nothing but God

I just returned from the White Coat ceremony for my son. He is now in medical school after years of living, and his dream remained intact. And even when he had to resign from his 14 years of high school science teaching for going into premed- he prayed and he did. Just a few years prior, he began running and biking, and swimming more. He is now a triathlete. Why am I saying this? Oh yes, I am a proud mother- but more than that. As we talked the day before the ceremony he shared that he saw all along how God kept this in his view, and how he placed people and situations in his path for him to learn. He said it has been nothing but God. Nothing but God!

Yesterday was Marq's first class. He texted me this morning and said it was a long day. And I smiled, because it will be nothing but God. Did you see it? Did you hear it? Nothing but God. Family members have said that Marq is an inspiration- he is, because of God's hand on his life.

Take time today to access where you are. Allow Holy Spirit to walk with you showing you places where you were guided toward who you are. Yes, you are being guided, but you must follow. Blessings of awareness as you contemplate your journey to this point. And when you see God's hand give thanks, praise Him for your precious life. You have not seen it all yet. Nothing but God. enough for now.

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