Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cleaning Up

Why is it that we cannot be real with others? Many times we miss an opportunity to get it right because we said or did something that we really didn't mean say or do, but we don't know how to remedy it - for so many reasons. And that missed opportunity just piles up as junk storage in a basement, or garage, or vacant room. Soon the junk has so covered everything and we keep saying we will clear it up or we will get rid of it, but we don't. And truth becomes lost because of the junk.

As Believers we should not have to worry about how others may or may attack us. We are covered from those darts, and by the same token, we should not attack them. That is so hard to do, isn't it? Yet it is doable.

Let this new year be a start in cleaning out, getting rid, refreshing. Clean out those areas of things said or done that you though you couldn't undo. Get rid of years of false modesty and martyr image and walk in your true self as in the image of Truth. Refresh your spirit by putting things in proper place. Allow the beauty of who you are to warm your heart. Through Truth find order and peace. Look at John 14:15-17. Shalom!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Have you ever lost time by trying to decide what to do in your life? And you become so bogged down and do nothing? How many times have you lost time just like that? Wow. I know that one. And then there is the age old question of purpose and if you are fulfilling your purpose. Do you know how often you can be just slightly to the side of your purpose - because you heard a portion and you filled in the rest? You didn't wait to get clarity. Oh we do it all the time. This is really a great time to stop, and listen.

My goal - be clear on what I hear, and then move forward without reservation.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Live in Peace

A new year! A new day, and new chance to do better than the day before. This is a moment to seize and then to squeeze every drop of life from it. This is a chance to live without remorse, regret, unforgiveness. It is a time to let go. Eckhart Tolle observed how ducks fight. "When they get into a fight, it is never long. Then they separate, floating off in opposite directions. Each duck flaps its wings vigorously a few times, which releases surplus energy built up during the fight. After they flap their wings, they float on peacefully, as if nothing had ever happened" (Tolle 2005, 137).

Now we know that there will be fights and spiritual battles to be won. Can you, this time, let that last fight go? Shake it off! Let the built up energy release so that you can move into your peace. Let it go!! You cannot hold on if you are going to progress. Live in peace!