Monday, November 30, 2015

How I Got Over

And life continues. . . Sometimes it is smooth, sometimes it's rough. But is that it what a journey looks like? Count me among those who would rather have smooth. Oh well. But that is not what it looks like.  I find that when I allow Holy Spirit to guide I have less stress, less worry. So I marvel through the completion of the hard tasks and look back and wonder, "how I got over."

My son just completed an ironman in Cozumel and I marvel at his completing 2.4 miles swim, 114 miles bike, 26 miles run. He trained, he trained his body, his mind, his heart, and relied on God.  My my, again "how I got over."

That old song of my youth, in my church means so much more now as I do wonder, "how I got over, and my soul looks back and wonder, how I got over."

Take time today to look back and realize that you really are not where you were.  Then thank God for your present moment experience as you have an opportunity to rest in God. enough for now.