Thursday, May 30, 2013

Move On

When I was young my mother would save her nice bed gowns in case she had to go to the hospital. And the time that she did go, she had to wear the dreaded hospital gown.  So she wore her gowns after that. 

I learned to wear my stuff.  But just this week I learned to move on in more things.  I released old makeup, am working to release an old computer, to move on.  That is funny, because I can move on in some things, but learning am learning to move on in other things.

What does it mean?  If you are following Holy Spirit's guidance you have to be ready to move on. Holy Spirit is dynamic, not static.  He is our Paraclete, to walk along side.  And even if we are not sure - if we stop to listen- then we can follow.  We can move on, we can walk away, we can get past, we can breathe!    You see, we try to hold on, too many times, to what God wants us to release.  Listen, and then follow what Holy Spirit is saying.  Let it go!  Move on from your craziness. Move on.  type to you later.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Change-It's Time

As much as I like to change things up, change is sometimes difficult.  You have you learn a new way.  But that is good.  You see, sometimes-in that new way you find out more about who you are and how you handle things.  But what happens when there is no change?  Hmm, I encourage you to step outside of what you normally do.  Take a different route, change up your routine- only to get a different view of you. 

No- it does not mean lose you mind. It does mean to allow Holy Spirit to guide you.  Hold on, if you are allowing Holy Spirit to guide then you will do things differently.  He will prompt you to smile at a stranger, pray for a face, share with another.  He's so unpredictable!  Go with Him!  He will show you who you are in and out of turmoil.  You will learn to trust in God's will. Go with it!

So change is not as difficult as it appears if you allow Holy Spirit to guide.  Watch what God is doing in your life.  type to you later.