Monday, October 25, 2010

Bitter Vows

Bitter Vows.  We all make them at some time or another.  They are the things we say that we really should not say because they are released in the atmosphere. You know, "I'll never listen to her/him again," "I can do good all by myself."  You know, those things that make us think we have regained control when we feel we have lost control.   Now that that is out the way, let's move on.

One bitter vow that I had to come to terms with was, "I'm not used to this,"  -whatever the "this" is.  It gave me a sense of control and superiority because I was not accustomed to such- whatever "it" was.  Today- I renounced that vow and moved forward.  Come on - who was I to assume that whatever position life arranges was not where I was to be?  After all God is in control and not me.  And that is good.

What bitter vows have you proclaimed?  Take them one at a time and renounce them.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you through the process of release. I bless you  with spiritual clarity. type to you later

Monday, October 18, 2010

60 is a Big Thing

There have been so many lessons that I have learned.  There have been so many people to pass through my life.  There have been times that I have been the teacher, and times that I have taught.  I have had great moments and some not so great.  I have ran wonders and sometimes walked slowy around.

I have been able to interact with so many in their life dramas.  I have felt the pain of too many as their lives unfolded.  There have been great teachable moments and some rough teachable moments.   I have given to many and received far less in return.  I have cared for those who did not express care for me. I have been faithful to institutions who were not faithful to me.   It has been a great time of living and learning.

Yes indeed- 60 is a big thing.  Of course, many times during these years I didn't handle things the way God directed; yet God loved me and presented many more opportunities to love God back.  You see- it really is not about the people, places, or things you are surrounded with.  It is how you love people or places through God, how you serve God by making a positive difference with things.  Oh yeah- serving God is so much more than carrying a big bible that you don't read, or faking. . . you fill it in.  Serving God serves others, it is finding your mission, your contribution to life and doing it.  It is encouraging others to do the same.

I thank Father/Mother God for my parents who were here sixty years ago.  Life is so short.  I thank God for family and friends who have gone on.  I thank God for my family and friends now, and for each life experience.  You see, each life experience gives me another chance to grow in God's image.   I thank everyone who offered birthday greetings.  You blessed me.

Whatever age you are- get excited about the moment.  God has given you years to grow and make a difference through loving and living the life God has given you.  Quite a few people have shared with me their anguish in pleasing people.  You only have God to please, people are benefited by it.  Enjoy your life.  I will enjoy mine.  Although 120 is promised, I may not get another 60 years but I will enjoy whatever God has for me.  Yes, 60 is a big thing. type to you later.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Play it as a Winner

This week Artisphere opened in Rosyln (Arlington).   One art piece was inspired by the artist who has skateboarded since a child.  The piece has lifts and turns resembling a skateboard park in pieces.  The reporter asked the artist what one could take away from the exhibit.  As the artist was thinking I had my own thoughts.  

Skateboarders flip high and low freely - right? Right.  We, as believers, should be free to soar, yet daring enough to face the lows of the game.  You should be ready for the challenge of life understanding that you will win.  Play the game understanding that you win.  Play it as a winner and you will soar. type to you later.