Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alone time

There is still something unsettling about following God when others are following their own way. I say unsettling because they cannot understand why you do what you do. Unsettling because sometimes you cannot understand why you do what you do. There was a time when I loved to be with people. Then the time came that I loved to be alone with God. And yes, there are times that I cannot hear, but I know He is there.

I heard a few people in a class say that hearing God was not real. My, My. One even said that it was just our conscious; but backed herself in a hole because she acknowledged that some people have no conscious. The teacher did not help the class at all. Oh, I failed to mention that this was a Sunday School class. It was a sad indictment on what we are teaching, or not teaching. The sad part is that God does speak to us in so many ways, if we would only listen. And that comes from spending time with Him. shhh! wait! listen.