Thursday, November 28, 2013


TODAY, I bless you with more.  More joy in times of stress. More laughter through tears.  More assurance that you are not alone. More feeling Jesus love for you. More realizing Holy Spirit's guidance.  More watching what God is doing in your life.  More . . . More. enough for now.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let It Flow

I'm sure you will hear it a few times, and I have even said it- Happy Thanksgiving!  What do you mean?  Are you happy for me that I have family, friends, food, and fun?  It appears that food is more important as more people than usual will help out someone with a turkey. A turkey! Please understand, I'm not mad.  Food is always good.  But - for one day?  Come one.  What about those who can't eat turkey?  What about the rest of the year, when there is no food, no one to supply a meal?  What about the turkey?  (I just threw that in.) 

I really am not sure where I am going with this.  I believe that it is a time to love family and connect with them.  Look at how many people travel (including me).  But then, most families who love and connect at Thanksgiving love and connect anyway. 

May I offer an idea?  First - to be thankful for your life, be thankful for the love that God has for you. Then, be thankful that God has placed those in your life who love you, those who care.  Be thankful that God has indeed never left you, nor forsaken you.  Be thankful that God's mercies are new every day- you have a chance.  Be thankful that God hears your cries, eases your pain, changes situations-or changes you.  Be thankful that while God never changes, you are changed, transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Be thankful, because of God's great capacity to love you (He sent His only son, Jesus, to die a death you could never handle), you have the ability, the capacity to share that. 

Of course, there are a million plus reasons to be thankful, so you fill in your blanks.  You see, God's love fills you and overflows and fills another.  You have the capacity to let it flow on from you.  You don't need to hold on to it, if you do, you can't get more with your hands closed.  Nothing can flow in, and nothing and can flow out.  Be thankful that it flows and you play a part in the flow!

And with the overflowing love allow Holy Spirit to guide you every day to 'let the love flow'.  It will be more than- more than a turkey at thanksgiving, more than a meal.  Let it flow, so that another will indeed know true kindness, real compassion, God's love.  Let it flow, every day, in a different way.  Let it flow, it's the overflow from God through you that shares, that loves, that heals. 

You have the capacity to make a difference.  Who knows? You may be able to help someone with finding a job, with finding shelter, with providing friendship, with getting mental, physical help. Now that would be a thanksgiving event - With making real differences in the life of another.  You may not be able to do that but you can let God's love overflow to another. 

A friend, Terry Wardle, says, "I just want to be under the spout where God's glory spills out."  I love that.  If you haven't done it, get under the spout, and bring another.  Let God's love overflow.  I love you.  Happy Thanksgiving. enough for now.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Colors of Change

I'm looking outside of my window and I love the colors of change.  There are so many signs of growth and life. I pause - and marvel at the colors of my change.  And again, there are signs of growth and life. 

This is a marvelous time for of reflection for you to check out the colors of your change.  Ah, yes, you should see growth.  Be still . . . and wait.  You see, in order to wait - that is growth.  Too often we rush around trying to get the best seat, the best spot, the newest things, first in line; but to what end?  To wait gives a different perspective. 

How do you wait?  Glad you asked. Wait on Holy Spirit.  Listen for direction. Follow that guidance.  It really is so very cool. You will find that what you felt important is not as important as you thought. Watch to see what God is doing in your life. Enjoy your colors of change.  enough for now.