Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stay Focused

Do you understand how easily you can get distracted?  I mean - on your path- moving along- and bam! Just like that and you are on a different trail.  The scary part is you don't even know it until you can't recognize anything.  So what can you do about it?  Constant communication with God with keep you focus.  No, really, it will.  And you thought it prayer was all about you.  You see, prayer can keep you directed toward your destiny.  It will strengthen you against the many distractions.  Take care. type to you later.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do you know how hard it is to let go of pass hurts?  Well, it is not as hard as we make it. The hurt has past.   That's the crazy part.   Do you know how much precious time is wasted because we are still holding on to things that have past?  Don't let me talk about the people who have wronged us. They have gone on about their business, and we are caught in something in the past.  What a waste of precious time!   We have life to live and time is too precious to miss this journey. 

What hurts you?  What pass hurt have you continued to nurture?  Don't you think it is a good time to let it go?  If so, let's begin.  Examine what the incident is; what hurt you. Then list what this holding on of the hurt costs you.  Lament that.  And we will talk more.  type to you later.

Friday, July 15, 2011


How many times do we 'busy' ourselves with everything else, just to avoid what needs to get done?  Oh, every bit of the everything else may be important . . . but not for this moment.  Unclutter your 'busy' life by uncluttering your 'busy' mind and heart.  No, that does not mean too 'blank out' everything; but to begin cleaning out stuff that has occupied to much space in your mind, your heart. 

Where can you start?  Oh allow me - Unforgiveness takes up a large portion.  It partners with bitterness and can cause more serious implications in your life.  Do you suffer with high blood pressure?  Hmmm.   Could be that unforgiveness.  It has a way of causing so many issues for us.  The really sad part about it is that it is only hurting you.  The person, place or thing that you hold in contempt has probably moved on. You are being controlled. 

How do you get started?  Take that issue,  write down what it has cost you,  then lament it.  Tell God everything you can about it, as bold as you can.  When you are finished, leave it there.  I didn't say forgive, I just said leave it.  Now rest.  When there is no longer any pain, then forgive and move on. 

Okay now that is more space in your heart to hear God's direction and then to follow. Too much clutter will cause you to miss your direction.  Go ahead, start uncluttering.  One step at a time.  Let me know how you progress.  type to you later.