Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hang On

I have been hanging on . . . Holding on . . . Resting in.  Illness will cause you to regroup. I am now in the regrouping. I had to be still in order to heal.  But then we must be still in order to hear, to folllow.  It is sad that illness can take us out- and then we will listen. So use your precious time before you get ill to take time to hear.  

God has so much more for you.  Don't miss it by trying to get what you feel life has for you. I des not compare to what God has.  Enjoy the new leg of your journey. Each day is a new day! enough for now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Blessings of celebration! Blessings of realizing that you have something to celebrate. Blessings of basking in God's love for you. That is what this season is about-to celebrate the love of God through the gift of Jesus. It is because of that gift that we have so much to celebrate.  Oh my goodness - oh how much He loves us. 

Celebrate the breaking of chains that held you bound. Oh yes. All because of God's love, Jesus' obedience to God, Holy Spirit's guidance. All for you. Give your time to celebrating Jesus and His birth. Jesus, our liberator redeemer. All for you God sent Jesus to save, secure, set you up for a new walk, deeper realization, hope, faith.  Celebrate!  Happy birthday Jesus! enough for now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Rode Eleven Miles

Oh how I have missed you. I have been extremely busy and then ill. As I was being still I was encouraged by an accomplishment this summer. I rode a bike 11 miles as my son and his wife ran. Although I loved riding bikes when younger, I had not ridden for at least 30 years.  And I rode a bike for eleven miles.

My legs cramped and I rode though the cramps and into the next cramps. I fell, got up limped for a minute and got back on the bike, and rode 11 miles. When I was done, everything cramped all night; yet, I rode 11 miles. The next morning I preached at a new church two and a half hours away. I hurt until I got up, and hurt when I was done. But I rode 11 miles. 

I have a dark spot still on my leg where I fell. But I rode 11 miles. Yes, I am encouraged. What is it that you have not done, but want to try?  Go ahead- try it.  Oh I know you can- Be encouraged that you can do so much more than you know.  And it is all introduced by this season, the birth of The One who liberated us from fear, doubt, oh, yeah, all sins.  Celebrate with me the love of One that is so absolutely perfect and awesome and revealing and real. Celebrate with me your life, because of His life.  You can!  I did and will do more. You can because He did.  I rode 11 miles.  He was born to save us. Celebrate His birth!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The journey gets rough at times. Stay on the journey. Stay focused. Stay alert.  You are not alone. enough for now.

Monday, December 8, 2014

You are Blessed

Okay, you have heard this before. Please hear with a spiritual ear. Do you know how blessed you are? Oh do you really?  You didn't get that job, that promotion; your health is not as great - still do you know how blessed you are? Don't compare to what if, but get on the high side of God's love an provision.  You are blessed.  In spite of whatever.  You are blessed.  Allow that to sink in.  enough for now.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Be Free

One of the issues that can cause great pain is being subjected to choices others make.  Oh yes it can, but it should not be so.  Families suffer many times because of this. You know, someone is on drugs and everyone close suffers.  Or someone makes unwise decisions and others suffer. It is indeed a hard thing to separate, yet it is possible.  Love is most important, yet love may cause us to take on what does not belong to us.  We are responsible for self, we are accountable to others. Hold on to that.  allow yourself release from the chokehold you have had on yourself. enough for now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just Go

Thomas Merton set you up. I asked, "what do you hope to discover?"  Have you thought about it?  Let me rephrase it. You really do not need to decide what you want to discover.  All you need to do is pray.  Let that communion with God be the discovery. It is the entrance to discovery.  For too long you have been the "one to make it happen." Not this time. The excitement in prayer is that you cannot control the discovery.  You can release distractions. They mean you no good.  They keep you in a fog of confusion, despair, doubt. Let them go. Tell them to "shhh." 

I'm excited for you.  Enter in. Just go. As you go, hold on to what you discover. enough for now.