Saturday, February 21, 2009

Giving Up

Donny Hathaway sang quite a while ago "Giving up is hard to do when you really love someone." Let me flip that a little as we approach this Lenten season. I think giving up should be easier because of the One who loves us. The Divine loved us so much that He gave His life so we could live. I've been pondering this upcoming Lenten season and why we as Believers give up something, let go of something, why we should have a change of heart during this season. It is to sacrifice. I'm not going into what that means, but it appears that we all could give up a few things. And it is not to pick back up, but to close this season in celebration of a life transforming.

I believe that the turmoil we face as a nation, as people is a chance. Here me clearly. I believe that God is giving us a chance to reach out to one another, to love one another. And it starts with each one making a change toward loving one another.

Our attitude toward one another should reflect love. So giving up a selfish heart would go a long way toward loving one another. Giving up unforgiveness would benefit us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Giving up fear would release a multitude of negativity.

Can we prepare to do a new thing? To encounter the Divine by loving as He demonstrated?