Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It is a Journey

The journey during this season could have been enlightening, could have been enriching, could have been restorative. It all depended on your perspective. Even now, it is not too late. As you journey, see yourself moving toward more spirituality and away from religiousity, moving toward a more intimate relationship with God and away from the clutches of society, moving toward freedom and away from bondage.

It is amazing how many people, places, things, events we allow to capture our lives and hold us in bondage. In order to be released, we must acknowledge our bondage; accept God's will, which is never in bondage; and realize the power of Holy Spirit to guide us safely out, through and into the peace we need.

This journey entails letting go of some people, some places, some things, some events, some attitudes, some ideas that we hold dear. Let it go. Nothing can hinder as much as holding on to things that are killing you softly. Let go. Today is a great day to let go. Now is a good time to let go. Not sure where to start? Get quiet, ask God which way? And then try. Try. Try again. Holla if you need me. . . but God is so much closer than a "holla." type to you later.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bless the Name

On Jesus' triumphal entry into the city, the people cried, "Hosanna!  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord." 
And today we cry- what? Oh, we wave palm pieces, but do we worship Jesus? Do we praise Jesus?  Are we blessing the name of Jesus?  That is a question we all should ask as we walk the last week of Jesus' life on earth.

What are your actions saying?  Are they blessing the name of Jesus?  What can you do to better bless the name of Jesus?  type to you later.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Day

Do you know how hard it is to take one day at a time?  Oh you say it, but do you really mean it?  It is not easy, but it is doable.  What does it look like?  It means taking one step at a time being guided by Holy Spirit.  No, it does not mean "going with the flow."  "The flow will take you over."  It means hearing clearly from Holy Spirit and obeying.  Try it this week.  type to you later.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I shared with a student a compliment that his mentor gave me a few years ago.  The mentor was grateful that I did not hoard my knowledge but reached back to help others who were working on their doctorate.   I told my student that I had to credit my parents for what they instilled in my sister and me and for what we passed on to our children.  My parents encouraged us to, "leap from their shoulders." 

To "leap from my shoulders."  Look at what that says.  It means you can go farther, do more, because of how I stand.  I stand ready and willing for you to stand strong on what I know so you can reach for more.  It means I offer my position so that you can learn.  Can you see how great that would work in a community of believers?  No one trying to walk on another or withhold information, but all share in the growth of one another. 

It reminds me of an African tree that I have. The lower round of brothers and sisters are linked firm so that the second round, who are their shoulders are standing firm to link, so that the third round can stand.  Can you see it?  If we link together to allow others to stand firm on our shoulders, then they too can do the same.  Wow!   Wouldn't life look differently?  Can you see how awesome we, as believers would function in community.  In the African spirit of Mbutu, "I am because we are,"  let us walk closer together in community.  type to you later.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"Don't worry about tomorrow."  How many times have you heard that?  It is a very good thing to keep in mind.  You see, this day is a gift to you.  Accept it and all the wonders of the exploration in it.  Keep in your heart all that you have learned and experienced to this day as it contributes greatly as how you accept this day.  Don't refuse it, or accept it grudgingly- you know how some people do. 

When someone accepts my gift grudgingly or refusing to say a simple "thank you," then I know not to worry about giving that person another gift.  That is how we think.  How much more do we refuse to thank God for the gift of this day?  What do we do with that gift?  Do we get everything we can from it?  You see, do we even play with the packaging it comes in? 

Don't throw this day away while waiting on another day.  Tomorrow is not promised, Today is yours.  Joy in the gift - the gift of life -Today.  type to you later.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who's in Your Village?

My son called and had been looking back over his life and those who had poured into his life.  I smiled that he could acknowledge those who made a tremendous impact.   Then I shared those who had impacted my life.   Family is so very important, whether they are biological or extended.  It really does take a whole village to raise one child. 
Sadly, many people do not recognize the positve impacts in their lives. Unfortunately, some people have only memories of deep wounds, and don't see hope.  If that is you, look a little closer.  Ask God to show you the bright spots and where they were.   It may have been a teacher who gave you hope when others caused dismay. 
Take time today to think about those who impacted your life.  If they are still living, contact them and let them know how you feel.  If they are gone, thank God for allowing them time in your life.  It doesn't stop there.  Are you making a positive impact in the life of another?  It is a part of "one anothering"  of loving one another.  I thank God for so many in my life, those living and those who have gone on.  I thank him for my son and his realization that we do not live isolated in this world.  Who can you thank?  How can you pass it on?  type to you later.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Do you remember that line in the Temptations' "My Girl"?  "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.  When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May."

Isn't it interesting how the weather can be a barometer for how you feel?  When you are down and the sun is shining so bright be assured that it is only gloomy with you.  Allow that sun to beem into your gloom.  Ahhh the snow.  If  you will  only look past what you cannot do because of the snow and hear and see the beauty.  The peaceful quiet of the snow covering is usually disturbed by shovel scrapes, snowblowers, cars trying to move.  There is peace in the freshly fallen snow.  There is hope in the snow that covers everything.  You see, it serves to remind us that God's grace, Jesus' blood covers a multitude of sins.  We can start afresh with a clean slate.
Experience the gifts that God has given in nature with a new view.  Allow the experience to lift, to encourage, to inspire, to enjoy. type to you later.