Friday, June 28, 2013

Things do Change

I find it amazing at how much things change yet so many people remain the same.  If we are following the guidance of Holy Spirit, them there should be change. If for no other reason than Holy Spirit's guidance is Truth, self guidance is folly.  Take time to celebrate what God is doing, will do.  And if He doesn't do another thing- what He has done.  My my.  enough for now.

Hear what Holy Spirit Says

Don't you love how Holy Spirit will guide if you listen?  I saw a powerful movie last week that got low reviews.  It's sad, because those surveyed didn't get it.  I wonder who was surveyed?  Guess you would miss the meanings, if you couldn't hear from Holy Spirit.  And that is how it happens anyway. Not everyone who sees, hears, can see, or hear.   The movie - "After Earth" and no, it was not about a father and son lost in space. 

It is about relationship, lost and regained.  Let that sink in.  Maybe more later, maybe not.  Go see it.  Before even that- listen and get guidance for your life.  Let Holy Spirit minister to you in every aspect.  He is available to guidance, to instruct.  Type to you later.  enough for now.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Get the Truth

Do you know how important it is to get your facts before reacting?  Yes, you know that but here is the crazy part- your facts may not the facts.  Yeah- that causes you to think.  Let me say it another way.  Too often we react to what we believe about something or someone and it may not be the facts, the truth.  Let's go farther.  What you may believe to be true may not be true.   It ma be what you were taught or what you believed to be truth, but it was/is a lie. 

And every day we react to what we believe while someone else is reacting to what they believe.  And either may be true- or not.  That is why it is crucial to hear from Holy Spirit and then to follow guidance.  Don't be so quick to react on what you believe.  Get the truth.  type to you later.

Friday, June 7, 2013

There is Hope

I am watching (again) "For Colored Girls" and remember the play quite a while ago, "For Colored Girls who Considered Suicide when the Rainbow isn't Enough."  And yes- there are sisters, women who hurt so very much that suicide is a real thing.  Not just women, men also.  And here is the thing.  No one should be in that position.  No one should consider suicide, not when Holy Spirit is available and when God loves you so much.

There is hope.  Oh yeah. What you can consider is how much you are loved by God.  Oh, I promise, Let God love you, let yourself be loved.  Blessings of this day.  type to you later.