Sunday, August 26, 2018

Wait for It

This has been a time of revealing. Pieces have been falling into place. Concerns have been faded away. How? Only because of the the wait. Only because of the pause and the wait. Only because of listening, pausing, waiting to hear what God is saying. There is so much going on that we cannot think it all out. The only way to move through it is to listen, pause, wait. There is so much to be had in the waiting- so much revealing. Go ahead- wait for it. Watch for what God is doing in your life. enough for now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Accept It

Walking through another door. Turning another corner. Seeing the path. Watching what God is doing. Celebrating each new day in life. This is your day. Accept your life, accept the joy of your life. enough for now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Celebration part two

It seem like a long day; but then that day long ago was a long day as I awaited the birth of my only child.  This is my celebration, part two. Did you celebrate earlier? Celebrate your life now. Celebrate the life of one you love now. Call, hug, remember the happy times. enough for now.


Today is my son’s birthday. I talked to him, couldn’t see him to hug him today because we are in different countries. It feels good that I can talk to him. Enjoy this day talking with someone you love, you care about about.  Celebrate life today! enough for now.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Why do we worrry about what we cannot fix? Why do we worry about what others are doin? What do we worry that we are not were we think we should be? Why do we worry? Worry takes up so much energy, it takes up too much space in our minds, our hearts. It causes us to believe that we are in control. We are not, it is when we realize who really has control, then we can let go of worry. 

Yeah, no, I’m not talking about those who given control of their lives to another person, place, or thing. That’s a loss of control. But when we release our control to God- seriously- we recognize that our life is less hectic, more peaceful, even through rough places. No, it does not mean to wander about zombie like- not thinking, but it means to realize that with God, all things are possible and he knows our journey. 

We worry because we don’t know the journey, and we try to find our way, but many times we get lost. With Holy Spirit guiding, we are never lost, although we sometimes stray from the path. What are you worried about? Many times it never happens. Look at how you could have used that time to thank God. That’s really a better use of time. What do you need to release? enough for now.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

In Spite Of

In spite of all odds . . . you are still loved. In spite of all odds. . . you are more than you think. . . In spite of all odds. . . you are not alone.  In spite of all the crazy things you have done, the times you were not sure, the places you should not have gone, in spite of it all you are loved. Sometimes it feels like you are all alone and there are times that you feel no help is near; all because of what you have done. Oh but not true. Don't fret. Don't fear. Breathe and watch what God is doing in your life.  enough for now.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Giving God Thanks

“Giving God Thanks” is a phrase I hear often here. There are so many ways to give thanks. Yes with your lips. Speak it out loud. Yes with your actions. The way you treat others. Yes with your walk. The way you guide others. Yes with your heart. The way you love on God. Psalm 118 is one of many that can get you started. 

I know, sometimes you actually think you have noting to be thankful for. Hmm. You are reading this. You have technology,you can see, you can read, you are alive. “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Be in this moment with God and give thanks. enough for now.