Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The rain appears to be getting everyone down. Yes, the rain is needed in so many ways. And yes, there are times that too much of even a good thing can be disturbing. Too many times, in a similar way, storms come into our lives and we dread what is going on. When the storm passes we can sometimes see how the storm either helped clear out some garbage in our lives; or may have exposed dry places that needed help; or could have possibbly allowed room for growth. Storms in our lives can shake us up or set us on our way. You may the decision on how you take the storms in your life. Let the storms set you on your way. type to you later.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Celebrate. I have some suggestions but I'm sure you have something to celebrate. Celebrate family. . . celebrate love. . .celebrate friends. . .celebrate peace. . .celebrate faith. . . celebrate mercy. . .celebrate life!

My mother used to say, "life is too short. . . ." It is. Is is too short to worry about needless things. It is too short to allow others to dictate how your life should look. It is too short to not take in the wonders of what God is doing right now in your life. Celebrate today the wonder of your life. Marvel at what God has done, is doing, will do. Celebrate. type to you later.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stepping, Moving, Growing.

Stepping out, moving on, growing up. Stepping out from things that have hindered you. Moving on into what God has designed for you. Growing up into the you that you were designed to be. all of that is part of the journey. All of that is what I pray for you.

To the mothers- blessings flowing over you and around you. To those in support of mothers- continue to support and love. To you all- stay faithful to the journey that God has designed for you. While the paths are all different, the journey's destination is the same. The greater part is the journey, don't miss your journey. type to you later.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Okay, okay... Let me reach back into the theme from the sitcom, "Cheers." "Sometimes you have to go where everybody know your name." I ran by my former church and I saw folks I have not seen in over a year. Everyone was so receptive. Sometimes you have to go where everybody knows your name.
I visited with long time friends... Sometimes you have to go where everybody knows your name. The trip was business with a celebration on the end so anything else was extra. And I had plesant surprises at every turn.

There is something about the community of believers that should give the members a sense of safety, worth, nurture, appreciation, love, uniqueness, and God. Oh, can you see why the community would work? Those are the core needs that every human needs to survive. And yes, no one gets them all in whole, but that is another story. When you can feel love from those you have not seen in a while you are instantly reconnected.

We are all a part of different communities whether through work, hobbies, friends; but, the community of believers should be different. You should be able to "breathe" without anyone trying to choke you. Look around at your community. Does it meet any of your core needs? Are you injured by the group? If so, ask "why?" Why do you allow yourself to be abused? Then make a plan to find a safe community where you can 'breathe'.
Life is so precious and there is so much to be done, enjoyed, and experienced. God is not abusive, vindictive. God will handle God's business. Among God's business is you. Enjoy each little 'extra' in life that God gives. type to you later.