Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where is Your Rain?

Just as rain clears the air, from time to time we need to be cleansed by something.  I traveled to my hometown for a school reunion.  It was not about seeing how people have changed, although we all have done that.  This particular trip was different.  It enabled me to also be a part of a family reunion for a segment of my family.

This trip gave me opportunity to find myself.  To get back to what is important.  The trip allowed me to shake off the mental mud of the junk I encounter and to realize, in a different way, how special God made me. He had a plan long ago, before my birth and I keep that in front o me - even more so now. 

So where is your rain?  It is time for a cleansing, don't you agree? Watch for it.  Don't run from it. Let is wash all over you. enough for now.