Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Try It

Why do we focus on the negative and not on the positive? Why do we miss the constructive comments of our lives and we get stuck on the destructive comments? What is it about negativity that causes us to lose our focus?

We miss so much of what God is doing because our focus is on what is not happening (or so we think). What will it take to stop, and listen? Listen to what Holy Spirit directs. What will it take? Try it. That is a shifting of your focus - from what you think to what God shows. . . from your will to God's will. Try it. enough for now.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Don't Break

Change, changes, changes. Life is about changes. Our life is changing consistently, but it is what do do with the changes. It is how we feel about the changes. We must be fluid in order to flow. Without flexibility we will break. How do we become flexible? Glad you asked. We cannot hold bitterness. Bitterness robs us of our flexibility. Where does bitterness come from? Unforgiveness is a big contributor. 

Take time today to see where you are still holding yourself hostage by not forgiving. Yes, you are the one being held hostage, not the other person, place, or thing. Unforgiveness only hurts you. Allow Holy Spirit to show you a place of Unforgiveness and then realize how you feel about that place. Then give that to the Lord. How? You may need to lament or grieve, but let it go. 

Remember the goal here is to remain fluid, flexible so that life cannot break you. Go ahead, start today. enough for now.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Life - My Life, Your Life

Wow. Life. A new year along this journey. New surprises, and I'm sure new disappointments; yet, I am ready. God has kept me and guided me along this journey. Yes, there were times when I didn't get it, oh but the compassion, the mercy of God. Thank you Father!

Today, look back and contemplate with me. Look at where you have come from, the lessons learned, the joys, the sorrows, it is all a part of your journey. Now move confident that as you have been kept and guided, you will be kept and guided.  Celebrate this day of your life! Get ready for the next leg, and the next one. enough for now.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pray Now, Breakout

William McDowell sings of a "Spirit Breakout." We need a Spirit breakout. We need to bask in the presence of God. We need to hear and follow Holy Spirit's guidance. We need to know the love Jesus has for us. Yes, we do. Pray now. Start with acknowledging who God is. Next a 'thank you' will do here. Oh yeah, you have something to give thanks for- yes you do. You can stay there for a while. Then petition God. Yeah, I know you have some petitions. We always do. Now just praise God that iris done. All is done. All is well. That God will do what He said He would do. Praise Him. 

We used to sing a song when we were kids, "Praise Him, praise Him, all the little children, God is love. God is love." And then the song we all sing, "Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belongs. they are weak, but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me, for the Bible me so." 

Yes, He does. Yes we are made strong Him. Yes, we can hold on and yes we can shift the atmosphere. It shifts when we pray. Pray. Feel the breakout.  Witness the marvels. Pray. Get excited and watch what God is doing in your life. Let me know what you see. enough for now

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Too Much

Too much. Sometimes life will overwhelm us and junk just keeps coming at us from all sides and we can't take not another thing - too much! What happens? What do you do? Whew. I offer that it is in that time that you recognize that you are not alone. You never were. It is in that time you need to give it all to God and watch God work.

Yeah, sometimes the situation does not change, but you are changed in the situation and you will find yourself on the way through. It's that storm that is bearing down but you are sheltered by God. And it is that shelter by God that allows you to get through, go through the storm. The storm does last always. If we do not walk it through with Holy Spirit we can feel the effects rougher. Hold on and walk with Holy Spirit, and then watch.

Let me talk a minute on the devastating hurricane Matthew and what has happened in Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica. I really do not have an answer for Haiti. I know it was not because they are condemned by God. If that is true, then quite a few other countries would already be gone. What I believe is that God Is giving us all a chance to reach out- to help- to pray- to love. We have a grand opportunity to come together as a body of believers, as sons and daughters caring for our sisters and brothers.  You see, they are our brothers and sisters. Scripture says to love one another. That is enough right there.  Please join me in prayer first and then in any type of aid you can offer. 

Too much? Nothing is too much for God! enough for now. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Your Life as Abundant

New life. Full life. Abundant life, That is what you have been promised. If you are not living that life, you are hindering your blessings. Now, that does not mean a rich life, but it means a life of richness of what God has for you.

Are you hindering your blessing? What vows have you made about life? Have you asked God to help you raise your children? It sounds good. Yes, raise your children, but to go on after that. Life does not stop when the children have been raised. Your life continues. Have you asked God just to get through school? Your life does not stop after you finish school. Can you see your destructive vows? Renounce those and any demonic activity attached to it. I suggest that your prayers are for the fullness of life that God has promised. See, now that is in keeping with scripture.

Don't stop your life at any event but live through the event. This is a race, and in a race you do not run to the finish line, you run through the finish line. My track coach, Booker T, taught me that long ago. Oh how I really understand it now.

Live your abundant life, full of God's love and peace. Peace is abundance lived. You can grow though anything as long as you have the shalom of God. Celebrate your life! enough for now.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What Will They Say

A strong woman of God went home a few days ago. This pastor in Detroit was a woman after God's own heart. Rev. Dr. Wilma Johnson, you are missed. Everyone says the same thing about her commitment to God and to New Prospect. That is an awesome thing.

What will they say about you? Oh no, not that you made so much; but what you did with what you had. Not that you were the life of the party; but that the light of God shone through you. Not that you kept up with that latest in everything; but that you shared the good news of a risen Savior. That you love the Lord and your actions showed it.  What will they say? No, do it do it for what they will say; but because you love God.  

Cancer claimed Pastor J's body; but never her heart. Never her heart. Never her love of God, her love for people. What is trying to take your heart? Today, I am sad about this strong woman's passing; but glad that she is free. Today, I refuse to let anything take my heart. How about you? Join me in celebrating life itself! Your life is so important to God. That is why you have life. What will they say? Enough for now.