Monday, July 30, 2012

Get Real Direction

My my.  It is so interesting how we get caught up with what we think we should do and many times it is not necessary.  But when we actually stop to think about it. When we stop to get direction, (you see, usually a lot of our stuff has no direction or misguided direction) then we can cover more ground in less time, with less stress. 

Where does this direction come from?  (you ask)  Holy Spirit is constantly guiding, pointing the way.  I promise, the way can be made clearer and sticky stuff in your life won't be as sticky.  You will be pleasantly surprised. Go ahead, take a break, pause, rest hear from Holy Spirit.  type to you later.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What you can Handle

I remember planning for my first women's spiritual retreat with the sisters in my ministry.  I took care to pause and hear from God on what should be done.  I pressed ahead although my treasurer was worried at times.  You see, if God said it - it would come to pass.  We planned for one hundred women who wanted to hear clearer from God.  No advertisement, but by word of mouth.  Yes, it was a bold move, but then we serve a bold God. 

Two days before the retreat was to begin was on us.  We did not have the numbers.  I was clear that I had heard correctly about the retreat- not the numbers- but the retreat.  I called my church to see if we could borrow what we needed for the accommodations as we were short.  Since this was not a ministry of my church the funds for those ministries was low.  But. . . don't you love buts?  God's buts anyway.  But the treasurer told me that he would have what I needed.  One minister went by the church the next day and picked up a check from the treasurer's personal account. 

We cried and I told him we would pay him back as soon as we could.  He told me not to do that.   He had watched the work I had done with the young people through acting, dance and in their lives and he knew I was making a difference for women.  But God!

The retreat touched each women in her own way.  But . . . yes another.  But we didn't have one hundred women.  We have a total of 32 women.  Thirty two women with accommodations and food for one hundred women paid.  I was troubled by the kow numbers, and I kept waiting for women to just show up.  That first night after the women had finished that evening, I had laid down marveling over what had happened that day for each person, thanking God for the day.  Then God said about the numbers, "I gave you what you could handle." 

Did you see it?  I was clear on almost every aspect of what I was to do.  Even when the money was low, to the dismay of my treasurer, I kept going.  I don't remember now if the number was chosen because of the women who expressed interest.  I do remember, "I gave you what you could handle."  When God points us on a direction we are to move.  We may not have all the details but we must have faith in what God will do.  Too often we hear the way to go and we run with it.  We fill in all details and go.  That is okay, but many times, in our haste to do good we go with our details, our directions.  I used to tell my seminary students we jump out and design our ministries and then tell God, "Come bless what I have done for you."

Watch, wait, listen, then move when your direction is clear, trusting that God gives you what you can handle.  Don't worry about what others are doing, or not doing.  You do you.  As F.G. Sampson used to tell me, don't let anyone out you you.  God give you what you can handle, that is Divine Favor. type to you later.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


As I was contemplating my life to this moment I can see traces of where the dots connect.  And it became so clear to me - moves.  Now I am about to make a move f residence and although I eagerly look forward to the move, I still had a tad bit of apprehension.  So today - moves.  Moves are progress and why on earth do we fear some and look forward to others?  I mean, after all, we make one move or another every day.  If we possibly took more time to contemplate the moves we make, we could probably bypass some mistakes we make.

No, it does not mean that we won't make mistakes, after all, we are human. But just think how calmer life would be when if we took time to contemplate.  Yes, we have time.  You see, if we included Holy Spirit in the contemplation, if we paused for a check for God on our journey, if we got a nod from Jesus, then our moves would be surer.  You see, the path may still be crazy, yet inclusion of Holy Spirit in the decision would assure us that we will make it.  God didn't promise an easy path, but a sure path.  Jesus already handled our success through His life, death and resurrection.  Hey, what do we have to lose?

So get out there!  Get on the path of your journey.  Contemplate your moves by hearing from Holy Spirit and enjoy your every aspect of your journey. type to you later.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coming Out

This has been a time of doing, of moving, of seeing, of being seen.  So what does it mean?  It has been hectic as I come out of a time of being stagnant. Well not really. You see, to an undisciplined eye it would appear that nothing is going on; yet to one who has experienced spiritual disciplines, to one who has been in that desert place - that trained eye knows that God is working.

It really should not be that big a surprise.  You see, all of God's creation goes through a moment of stagnation, of regeneration, and then life returns.  So what does that do for you?  Well I reminds me of a sermon I heard preached in Nassau long ago by Rev. Jeffrey Johnson.  In order to understand how God blesses you must know how Jesus presented that last supper.  Jesus took the bread, blessed it, broke it, and then used it.  And He takes us, blesses us, breaks us, so He can use us for His glory. 

Did you see it?  It would be helpful to understand what stage you are in. We He takes us, that is indeed special. He then blesses us-  but don't get too excited about the blessing phase because the breaking is coming. But it is all for the using us. 

Enjoy your place, contemplate segment. Find out what is there for you.
What is God doing with you? Where are you? type to you later.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


I love it when I am productive!  How about you?  Well, I suppose the operative word is 'productive.'  You see, you can be productive in ways that are going nowhere, especially when you are operating on your own, without instruction from Holy Spirit.
 On the other hand, when you are following Holy Spirit's guide- wow the things you can accomplish. . . being productive.  It's your choice, you always have a choice.  Follow your lead or follow Holy Spirit's guide.  How do you follow Holy Spirit?  Wait- wait on it- you wait, and listen.  Have a pleasant waiting experience. type to you later.