Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life Moves Quickly

Whoa!  This month has really gone by quickly.  I had a chance to renew old friendships, rethink some relationships, and revamp my ideas.  It has been a busy month - and time is moving swiftly.  One thing that came back to me is not to concerned about things not in my control.  For two days I fretted and then came back to my state of mind.  You know, I have learned to get to the cause of why something would worry me.  When I consider the cost of the worry I recognize that the cost is not worth it.  And then I can give that to Jesus.  Well, I can't handle it.  And He is the only one that can.  

The song says, "Take your burdens to The Lord and leave them there."  We can get the 'take' but get confused on the 'leave'.  Don't pick them back up, drop them!  If it causes you grief, stress, pain, leave  it.  Start right there.  L E A V E   I T !   Practice that today.  It doesn't mean that you are shirking your duty, it means that you are learning to live the life God gave you.  

So enjoy your life and learn to give whatever "it" is to Him.  enough for now.