Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Number One Pick

The DC area is all abuzz about the upcoming draft for Robert Griffin III to the Redskins in the second round.  I ain't mad.  It is healthy to find something to get excited about.  But what about you?  What gets you excited? How about your life?  After all you were the number one draft pick.  Yes you were.  God has been so excited about you, about your great potential.  What about you?  You see, it has never been about the hard times that come your way, that is part of the game.  It is about how you handle it. Don't give up when things get crazy, it it only a part of  the 'all things' plan of God.  Check it out,  you have new chances every day.  His mercies are new every day.  Get up from where you are, get you directions from Holy Spirit, and get on with your glorious life.  type to you later

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rest, Don't Push

Have you ever had those moments when you tried and tried to make something work and it looked like it just would not work?  And so you push and push to get it through, to get it done and you find out that it has become a disaster?  All because you pushed your way into what was not yours, or that it was not time, yet.  Let me go a little farther.  There are times when we are clear that God says yes, but we have no clue when it is to happen. 
When we push past God's time we push into what we believe to ours 'now', and we miss our process toward the destination. 

Help us! We need help in learning to wait on God's promise, provision.  Let us rest knowing that if God says it is so, it will be so-in God's time, and it will not fail. type to you later.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sometimes it Crumbles

Have you ever waited for what you thought was for you, and it began to crumble?   The strong tower begins to crack.  You know, what you thought it would look like- and it looked nothing at all like what it would?

Try again, when you thought the job would last, the man /woman would be there, the life would be great.  And it all began to crumble.   Sometimes it needs to crumble.  Sometimes it needs to fall away, fall off. Sometimes you need relief from your self made belief of how it should be.  You see, out of the crumbles, new life can begin. Out of the ashes of the trash, you can begin to live.  So how can you know the difference?  Ask. Wait.  Listen.  And be ready to live.  To learn.  type to you later.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Worry

Don't Worry. So what do you do so you won't worry? Wait, watch. It is more difficult because we want to control. We are not in control. Wait on God. Watch what God is doing. There is a plan and God is still in control. Type to you later.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Feel the Peace

Isn't it awesome when you can wake up and feel peace?  When you can say  'yes'? There is such a peace when you know that no matter what God is in ultimate control.  Oh I know you don't know it because there are times that I must remind myself.  Let me show you:  You see, we thank God for the good times but we cry during the bad times.  Now, the thing about it -if God has control in the good times, then He has control in the bad times.

Hold on-  The ultimate control belongs to God.  Stay there.  We have little control.  Yes, we have responsibility, God's control does not dismiss our responsibility.  Go a little farther. We do not sit and wait on God to handle everything.  We are to get direction on our way and then follow.  When we get direction, and follow, then we can rest assured that however way the day brings it, we got it.  We can do that because we have received instructions and can rest in having carried them out.

Try it.  I promise you can rest, and then you can sleep assured that you are in God's mix.  And when you awaken, you can awaken to the shalom of Jesus. Try. type to you later.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day

In the spirit of the resurrection, I bless you with coming out of those things that have held you bound.  When baby elephants are being trained to stay put they are chained to a peg.  They try to move away but found themselves bound.  After a period of training the peg is pulled out of the ground.  The elephant does not try because the chain says they are still bound.

You were so led to believe that you just could not do, couldn't get away, couldn't  do better. Bound by the chains of those lies.  But you see, the peg was pulled up before you were even born. Yes, life caused you to believe the lies, but they were never true.  Yes, Jesus died for your sins. Much more. Jesus died so that you would know and understand the peg has been removed, the chains have been broken. Walk in your resurrected spirit of renewal, re-commitment, restoration. Blessings on this Resurrection Day of our Lord!
type to you later.