Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How Much?

My goodness.  Well 'Black Friday' has come and gone.  'Cyber Monday" is over. Now what?  How much?  How much?  What is the receiver of the gift worth to you?  Let me walk with you.

I suggest: That you create something from your heart to give. That makes the gift personal.  Or that you find a symbol related to how you feel- to what you share, and give that.  Can you see?  It will take some thought.  But then love takes thought. 

Of course - children may take a little more- but it can be done.  The thing is there is no gift large enough, small enough, big enough- the ultimate Gift has already been given.  Enjoy Him afresh each day.  type to you later.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get the Right Book

The Big Toy Book from Toys R' Us are here!  It promises joy and happiness for all children and peace and happiness for parents.  All you have to do is pay.  Hmmm.  

Lord and Taylor's Christmas book is called "Share."  It has all sorts of goodies of what people want and with coupons to get them at a better price.  Hmmm.

Neiman Marcus' Christmas book is called "Champagne and Cupcakes."  And life will be better for all -champagne and cupcakes.  Hmmm.

These and many more Christmas books are available with an inevitable price to you.  Oh yeah. . . In order to experience the joy, happiness, good life the books offer you have to pay. 

Ahhh!  But there is one book that offers joy and peace that is available year round.  It directs you to a full life with joy in communion with the author and finisher.  And the price has already been paid.  It is offered to you free!   

Why do you rush to the other books?  Oh, I'm not saying to give up the fun of  spending what you don't have to please people you don't like.  OR to live larger than you can afford, to jump through one more hoop because you bought into the Christmas book.  OR to substitute bought stuff for love.  OR to stretch yourself to the limits for those you love when all they want is your love. 

Check the book first.  Enjoy the true reason for the upcoming season - the birth of One who lived, died, and lives in order that you can live freely.  type to you later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Listen, Thanks, Live

Listen. Listen to the words of the songs. Listen. Listen to the whisper of the wind. Listen. Listen to the beat of your heart. Listen. Listen to the guidance of Holy Spirit.  And then follow that guidance.  You see, the 'listening' sets you up, the following moves you up.  

As you listen, be thankful for your blessings.  Go ahead- count them.  Just count the blessings today only. Oh you are blessed.  Don't forget to thank God for those blessings.  Listen. . . Thanks. . . Live!  type to you later.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Grasshopper's journey

Experiencing God.  What does that look like?  Yesterday, as I was leaving home, I noticed a large green grasshopper on the outside rear view mirror.  I laughed when I thought about the grasshopper's surprise when he realizes that his destination is nothing like his starting place.

I thought about our experience with God.  No matter when or how we come to God, it will be an experience.  We will not stay in one place. Our journey's end will be nothing like our starting place. God takes us where we are and when we hang on- yes hang on, because it is indeed an experience; when we hang on we will have experienced God for self.   You see, it is not about hearing others' experiences, not about reading of others' trials and triumphs through God but having a real relationship- one that you can hold on to yourself.

The grasshopper held on for at least two miles and then began to struggle to hold tight. It finally gave up and fell off.  The cool part with God is when you make the decision to hang on God holds on when you are weak.  Seek God- get your own experiences. type to you later.